LavaBox Portable Campfire

Naked Tabletop Vol-CAN-no: Stripped down to raw steel

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Time to get NAKED with the untreated, cold-rolled steel Naked Tabletop Vol-CAN-no. The Naked Tabletop comes to you with no paint treatment and it naturally changes over time with use. Like classic patinaed pipes on a 1968 Norton Commando, the Naked Tabletop will weather and color the more you use it. If you love naked, sultry beauty, this is the one for you. Every Naked will be unique.


The Naked Tabletop includes:

  • Unpainted Tabletop with ultra-tough burner and screen

  • Steel-braided regulator and hose with safety cut-off valve

  • 12 Hades Stones- Our ultra-light ceramic weave insulating stones that can get greasy and wet – Not your ordinary lava rock

  • Draw string Goodie Bag with instructions, sticker, and goodies (‘cause it’s a Goodie Bag!)  

  • 280,000BTUs of fire breathing madness

  • Relaxed pyromania vibe

The Naked Tabletop does NOT include:

  • Fingerprint removal kit



Add our amazing Bug Out Bag! The BOB allows you to carry your LavaBox, regulator/hose, lighter, and Over/Under all in one slick range bag. You could also carry a few beers and a copy of Field & Stream. Bundle and Save!


*Product Dimensions: (Length) 11 inches x (Width) 5.5 inches x (Height) 7 inches

*Weight: 7.5lbs

*All LavaBoxes will naturally patina over time. Fire changes things. To lock in a nice patina or beautiful rust, grab a rattle can of Rust-o-leum Clear High Heat Engine Enamel from your local hardware store.

*Please allow 5-7 Business Days for our “team” (Rumpelstiltskin's entire extended family) to build your box and get it out the door. They are not as fast on LavaBoxes as they are on the spinning wheel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Maximilian Roth
Lavabox campfire

Great gadget. I’m a firewood guy but that thing is convenient! Instant fire in camps, we even cooked on it once and it works. Hard to beat that you can turn a knob on a chilly morning and have the campfire going. Even the girlfriend approves of the expense :)

Jason Fenner
Sweet cans part deux

Love this thing! Got the over under thingy and the carry case. Both are quality products with solid materials. It’s just fun man! Love u Lavabox

Awesome fire pit.

Wr have used this a few times now and love it! I have referred a few friends to get one. I love the portability of this and it puts off heat!

Brad Reynolds
The perfect box 🤫

Firebox that is, as a vanlifer, river runner and all around retired nomad this is the perfect portable campfire for everysituation. Small enough for the van, raft or general outdoor ambiance. Can't wait for the skittle cook too to go live! Thanks LavaBox, you Rock!

Tracy W.
The Naked Lava Box

I ordered a couple of the Naked Lava Boxes. What a fantastic product for camping and overland adventures! Provides the warmth and effect of a campfire on all camping activities. It is compact, practical, and leaves no trace behind!
A great product, a must have for yourself, and a great gift to someone else!


The Orignal Ammo Can Fire Pit

Get the first. Get the best. We were the first to bring a military ammo box fire pit to market and everyone has been chasing us ever since.

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