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Over-Under Grill Thingy (Tabletop Size)

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Threesome anyone? The Over/Under is a grill, a grate, and a hot pad all in one. Our design allows you to choose your position without fear of hurting anyone’s feelings. Raise it up high to pass forest service requirements or to elevate it closer to the group, drop it down low for a true trivet experience while still meeting the requirements for Leave No Trace, or clip it to the rim of the LavaBox to go into grill mode to hammer out some tasty shrimp shish kabobs. Best of all, it detaches and folds up nice and neat for easy storage in your Bug Out Bag. 304 Stainless Steel—Built to last a lifetime.

Check out what’s happening in our laboratory late at night HERE.

How about a cooking demo? Check out our “Lunch Hour” HERE.

*The Over/Under fits the Naked and Painted Tabletop Vol-CAN-no.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Maximilian Roth
Over under thingy improvement suggestions

The fire pit itself is sweet, especially when there are burn bans in effect. After several uses of the over under thingy I think it could benefit from some re-engineering. If you use it as a stand, the stove doesn’t lock in at all and slides on the very narrow stand. I wind up putting it on perpendicularly, which seems to work a bit better. Love the idea, but with a little tweaking it could be much improved.

Tate Miller

Love the Lava Box!!!!
Finally we can have a fire and not worry.
It provided warmth and ambiance-what more can you ask for. We also made burgers on it!!!!
I highly recommend buying one.

We bought one for our son for his bday. He’s going to love it!

Chuck Lane
Box O Flame

Badass little box of flame is what this thing is. Probably the best portable fire pit I have ever been around.

Jessie Shanks
Over the moon

The Over Under Thingy makes the lavabox such a diverse piece of equipment.

George Ruster

What ever you want to call it... it works to get your fire box off the ground & can be used as a grill. Very nice construction & built solid. Will last me for years to come. Bought one for me and one for my brother.


The Orignal Ammo Can Fire Pit

Get the first. Get the best. We were the first to bring a military ammo box fire pit to market and everyone has been chasing us ever since.

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