Wildfires Suck.

Forest Fires are incredibly destructive and preventable most of the time. LavaBox gives you a safe way to enjoy a campfire even during a fire ban.

Be Smart!

Follow these 10 Golden Rules:

  1. Never leave your LavaBox unattended.

  2. Only allow adults to operate the LavaBox. Personal volcanoes are NOT kids’ toys.

  3. Before attaching the propane canister check to make sure all your valves are in the OFF position and that the hose is in good working condition.

  4. Make sure all fittings are snuggly attached.

  5. Always light the lighter FIRST and then turn on the gas very slowly.

  6. Use a long lighter and light at the first hole on burner closest to the gas inlet.

  7. NEVER cover the LavaBox. Always use the Over/Under Grill Thingy

  8. Never use Lavabox indoors.

  9. Wait for your LavaBox to completely cool before touching it.

  10. Always check with local law enforcement regarding fire restrictions and be cool.



 Never use LavaBox indoors…ever.

Make sure that the LavaBox is in a properly ventilated area outdoors. Never use LavaBox in a camper, tent, or garage. Propane gives off carbon monoxide. Too much carbon monoxide will cause a person’s oxygen level to be depleted and may lead to death.

Make sure that the propane cylinder that attaches to the LavaBox is not rusted or broken in any way. Also, make sure that the knobs that connect the LavaBox to the cylinder are not stripped and have a secure and tight fit.

Place the LavaBox on a firm, level and nonflammable surface, away from brush or overhangs. To protect the ground, put the LavaBox on a fire blanket, grab a flat rock or use an established fire ring.

Keep the propane tank upright. If you hear or smell a propane leak, quickly turn off the stove, immediately exit the area and call the fire department for assistance.

Allow the LavaBox to cool completely before replacing the lid and valve cap. That sucker will be hot!


Make contact without a sacrifice.

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