Team LavaBox

Check out our knowledgeable, talented testers.


Tiffanie has been with LavaBox from the start! As a rafter, vanlifer, and adventure junkie, she takes her LavaBox testing very seriously but she also has a softer side enjoying chill camping and urban exploring. Please check her incredible content and epic journeys HERE.

Emily Jackson & Nick Troutman

Nick Troutman and Emily Jackson are a defining whitewater power couple, holding four world champion and multiple national champion titles between them as professional athletes. They are heavily active in the outdoor adventure world and have deep roots in the paddlesports scene. With the addition of their two children — seven-year-old son Tucker, and four-year- old daughter, Parker — they continue to grow into the ultimate adventure family.

LavaBox happily sponsors their inspirational show: Great Family Adventure. Check it out HERE!

Talon Sei

Full time content creator - outdoor adventurer. Passionate about anything with wheels and a motor that can get me to a camp site in the mountains.

See his amazing videos HERE.

Or check him out on Instagram.

Our Mutual Friend Program

We want to make it easy for die-hard LavaBox supporters like you to share our products with retailers whose customers would love them. Then we want to pay you for it. $300 per referral, to be exact. Click HERE for details.


Please let us know why you'd be a good fit for Team LavaBox. We are looking for people who love to camp, fish, hunt, raft, overland, and more!

LavaBox HQ

4800 Washington St. Unit A1 Sauce Denver, CO 80216


Monday - Thursday: 8am-6pm MST

Friday: Naked croquette with a side of lawn darts.

Saturday : Probably burro racing or competitive hot dog eating.

Sunday: Sharpening my epee or playing the hurdy gurdy.