Small Companies Making a Big Difference 


Project Little Bird was inspired by an ancient story about working together to solve a common problem.
When a tiny bird's home was threated by a wildfire, the bird flew into action rather than running away like his forest friends. He dipped his wings in the near by stream and shook them at the fire. Although the tiny droplets were not enough, his bravery inspired all of the animals to come back and fight the fire together. 
With Project Little Bird, LavaBox will create partnerships to tackle one of the biggest threats to our homes and lives, wildfires. 

LavaBox Portable Campfire will donate $1 to Protect Our Rivers for every order at LavaBox! 

Protect Our Rivers works to make a lasting impact on river health through active conservation, education, and access. We organize river cleanups across Colorado and beyond, and provide hands-on educational tools to teach young river stewards about micro-trash and pollution, rural and urban watersheds, principles of Leave No Trace, and human-caused problems rivers face today.


Our organization is driven by the belief that everyone has the power to make a difference and that difference matters. Our programs connect people to rivers and empower them to take action, with the hope that our work will have a long-lasting impact on river health, and we can pass forward the resources and experiences rivers provide us all. 

Find out more about Protect Our Rivers HERE. 



Our Core Purpose

We want to stop human-caused wildfires and make life worth living. That’s it. There are few words that can describe the gravity of this moment in human history. We believe we are at a crossroads where humans must make a choice to save ourselves. However, we also know that those solutions must be palatable, vogue, and fun. That’s why we created LavaBox. A cool, simple design with a real purpose.







Make contact without a sacrifice.

LavaBox HQ

4800 Washington St. Unit A1 Sauce Denver, CO 80216


Monday - Thursday: 8am-6pm MST

Friday: Naked Croquette with a side of lawn darts.

Saturday : Probably burro racing or competitive hot dog eating.

Sunday: Sharpening my epee or playing the hurdy gurdy.