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Accessories Guide: Propane Tank Covers, Bugout Bags, and Guy Montag (Gloves) Oh My!
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Accessories Guide: Propane Tank Covers, Bugout Bags, and Guy Montag (Gloves) Oh My!

Are you making the most of your LavaBox Portable Campfire? If you haven’t gotten familiar with our propane and portable campfire accessories, the answer is probably no. Uh oh! From propane tank covers to Bugout Bags with a pocket for everything, the accessories you choose help tailor your portable campfire experience.

If you’re having trouble determining which add-ons are must haves for your unique breed of adventure, this guide will help. 

Propane Tank Covers: Burt’s Tank Top

It’s not by accident that Burt’s Tank Top is the first accessory on this list. Our patented propane tank cover design holds a special place in our hearts. 

It is, in fact, our first-ever patented product — and it really is just an awesome piece of gear. While the patent is pending on our unique burner design, LavaBox’s CEO (Chief Eruption Officer) Josh Thrumond was granted a patent on Burt’s Tank Top on October 24, 2023. 

Why buy Burt’s Tank Top?

Are you wondering if propane tank covers are just for looks? Some, maybe. But Burt’s Tank Top isn’t one of them.

Cool temps can slow the flow of your propane. Whether for use with a portable propane fire pit like a LavaBox, barbeque grill propane or any use case in between, your appliance will not run as efficiently when the propane isn’t flowing smoothly. 

(To learn more about maximizing the efficiency of propane check out Beyond The Coleman Green Cylinder: Sustainable Propane For Your Outdoor Adventures.

Burt’s Tank Top propane tank cover helps you get the best burn, maximum BTUs, and optimal heat output consistently. 

Each Tank Top is made with premium materials including: 

  • Insulating, oxidation-resistant 3mm neoprene that won’t wear out or crack with exposure.
  • Real Kevlar reinforcements on the points where the propane tank is sharp. This ensures your propane tank won’t puncture through the cover and scrape up the backseat or bed of your rig.
  • HD YKK zippers which offer hardwearing durability outdoor gear demands and a water-resistant seal. They also zip with ease every time because everyone hates a crappy zipper that gets stuck.

Our patented propane tank cover is designed with features that make hauling a propane tank much easier. You’re going to take one on your RV or overlanding trip anyway. Why not make it less of a pain in the butt to travel with? 

  • The thick soft grip handle makes carrying your tank less cumbersome and more comfortable.
  • Heavy duty 1” daisy chain tie-down points run up and down the length of each side of the propane tank cover so you can easily secure your tank for safe travels.

Tank Top Propane Tank Cover Sizes

There’s a Tank Top for most any size propane tank, except 1lb green cylinders like the single-pound Coleman propane tanks. We do not recommend those for use with any LavaBox model. 

Burt’s Tank Top is available to fit:

  • 5lb propane tanks (the tall skinny ones, not the short, squatty ones) - $39.00
  • 10 or 11lb tanks - $49.00 
  • 20lb tanks (the classic barbecue grill portable propane tanks) - $59.00

Get Burt’s Tank Top portable propane tank cover

Carrying Cases: The Bugout Bag

Bugout Bags are sturdy, multi-use range bags that fit the Tabletop Vol-CAN-no, Hekla, Floater, and The Trident. 


Why buy the Bugout Bag?

In case you need to make a quick getaway… The Bugout Bag makes traveling with your LavaBox Portable Campfire infinitely simple. It accommodates everything you need inside. When you’re ready to adventure, all you have to do is grab your Bugout Bag and propane tank and go. 

Bugout Bags also keep the places you store your LavaBox clean. After some time your LavaBox may build up soot (learn more about soot production and how to clean your LavaBox). Storing and traveling with your LavaBox in a Bugout Bag keeps the spaces you stash it from contacting any soot.

Each Bugout Bag fits:

  • 1 of any of the above-listed LavaBox models
  • 1 5ft regulator hose
  • 2 Tabletop size Over/Under Grill Thingys
  • 12 Hades stones (stored inside the LavaBox)
  • Long lighters
  • Snacks, backup s’mores materials, and a flask
  • A book or magazine for the full fireside lounging experience

The Bugout Bag features: 

  • A roomy main compartment 
  • Two side pockets that zip down fully 
  • Additional interior pockets for organization
  • A crossbody strap
  • Two carrying handles
  • Exterior daisy chains for hanging extra gear or securing the Bugout Bag
  • A removable LavaBox patch (you can remain inconspicuous if you please)

Get the Bugout Bag LavaBox carrying case

Grill And Stand: Over/Under Grill Thingy

The quintessential and most-sold LavaBox accessory. The Tabletop size Over/Under Grill Thingy is the original Over/Under Grill. It fits Tabletop Vol-CAN-nos, Floaters, Heklas, and The Trident. Each Over/Under Grill Thingy is made of 304 stainless steel and will last a lifetime. 

Why buy the Over/Under Grill Thingy?

The Over/Under Grill Thingy folds flat to act as a trivet or unfolds to lift your LavaBox 5 inches off the ground. Both of these settings allow it to meet Forest Service standards during stage 1 and stage 2 fire restrictions when it’s required that your propane fire pit be self-contained and up off of the ground. 

The Over/Under Grill Thingy also acts as a grill when folded flat. It’s built with tabs that allow it to slide and fit snuggly on top of the LavaBox. This also allows the venting room for the gas to escape when you place a pot or pan on top of your LavaBox (which is necessary for safety). If you want to cook on your LavaBox, this is the accessory you need.

(Learn more about how to cook on your LavaBox here.)


Our recommendation?

Keep two Over/Under Grill Thingys for each LavaBox that you own. That way you can use both the grill and the stand feature at the same time. Whether you’re cooking, working on a surface that isn’t heat-safe, or in an area under fire restriction, you’ll be infinitely prepared with two Over/Unders.

Get the Over/Under Grill Thingy LavaBox grill and stand


Over/Under Extra Large

The Krakatoa Firebreather now has its own Over/Under grill stand! The Over/Under Extra Large is made of the same 304 stainless steel and operates the same as the tabletop size. However, this one is made extra large to accommodate our most extra (extra spicy, extra eruptive) LavaBox model.

Get the Over/Under Extra Large Krakatoa Firebreather grill and stand

Guy Montag Fireproof Gloves

We think this one is pretty straightforward, but we like to remind you that: 

  1. Guy Montag Fireproof Gloves exist
  2. Your LavaBox will be extremely HOT to the touch after use

Our Guy Montag Fireproof Gloves are made of genuine leather. One size fits most hands.


Why buy Guy Montag Fireproof Gloves?

So that you can handle your LavaBox after use without needing to wait for it to cool down! But also, they can be used to handle a cast iron skillet that’s been heating up on your LavaBox or in a traditional wood-burning campfire. They’re handy for tending a wood-burning campfire. 

Get Guy Montag Fireproof Gloves

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