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OUXL: Over/Under/Extra/Large Grill and Stand (Krakatoa Size)

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We would never begrudge anyone who longed for something bigger in life. Where would we be as a civilization if great American Bob Chandle hadn't dreamed of putting 48inch tires on his 1974 Ford F-250? I'll tell you what the world would be missing: BIGFOOT  Yes, that Bigfoot. The monster truck that started it all. Chandle knew that his bigger tires meant a bigger life and now you can make your life bigger too with the OUXL. This grill doubles as a stand to get your Krakatoa Firebreather off the ground when under the fire ban. When you have an existing fire pit, put your Krak on the ground and go into grill mode. Live life BIG! 


The OUXL is made of solid 304 stainless-steel construction. 

*Not designed for anyone who prefers tea to coffee. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Shaka Martin
Awesome stand!

I bought an extra XL grill stand thingy because I like having space for a spatula and mom's dry rub mix by the grill. This stand is sweeeeet! Also the grill gloves are outstanding! They are just perfect size for me, so men that usually wear XXL or bigger may have a hard time squeezing in

Brian Allen
Over Under XL is Perfect

We have the over under thingy for our smaller lava box, and love it. So glad to have one for the Krakatoa Fire Breather. If you are buying a Krakatoa or have one, you need this. Just add it to the cart. You will thank me once you use it.


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Get the first. Get the best. We were the first to bring a military ammo box fire pit to market and everyone has been chasing us ever since.

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