LavaBox Portable Campfire

5 foot Hose and Regulator

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Hey, things break. Or maybe you are super paranoid and need a lot of redundancy in your life so you can sleep at night. No judgement.

This hose works perfectly with your LavaBox.

  • User Friendly Adjustable Dial that allows Pressure to be adjusted to desired level

  • Universal Fitting that works with most US standard propane Tanks

  • Corrosion Resistant Brass that provides secure and air tight fitting

  • Built in Safety Shut Off System that cuts off gas supply when irregular pressure / leakage is detected

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rey T
Heavy duty hose

After heavy use for over 2yrs, the swivel that connects to the box started to fail. Sent a message to LB and they sent me a new one right away under warranty!

Patrick Alteri
Is there 6 stars to give?

This company’s customer service is crazy good. Every time I’ve reached out they have responded fast and took care of me. So when my regulator hose started malfunctioning I reached out to make sure I was purchasing the new one. Not only did the send me a new hose but comp’ed the hose and shipping. Wow.. not many companies do that anymore,if ever. Customer for life! Thanks again Lava Crew 🫡 🔥

Quick customer response

Like many of the other commentors the original hose didn't work as expected, so I reached out to LB and they immediately sent a replacement that DID work as anticipated. Really appreciate a company that stands by their products and listens to its customers.

larry madrid
The original was defective

Lava box gets 5 stars!!
Gave one star to get your attention. The original was defective and I didn't check my gear before leaving on a camping trip with my wife. So.... it lit up but would not turn up. Bummer. 5 starts because when I reached out to Lava box they sent me a replacement next day practically. Lol 3 days later. Amazing . Hooked out up when I got out this time a the Lava box and the Lava box crew. 5 stars *****

Mike O'Connell
Needed new regulator

Great customer service my original order had a malfunctioning regulator after one email to Lavabox describing symptoms a free replacement was sent. Its functioning perfectly love this thing. ! Happy to support USA business maybe one day mine will be one of the "original" made in USA ones !


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