Our Mutual Friend: Our Retailer Referral Program 

We want to make it easy for die-hard LavaBox supporters like you to share our products with retailers whose customers would love them. Then we want to pay you for it. $300 per referral, to be exact. 


Program Dates:

The Our Mutual Friend retailer referral program spring sales session runs through May 1, 2024.


Program Promise: 

You get $300 per referral. No caps. No cap. 

(That’s what the kids are saying these days. Apparently, it means “for real”.)


The Ask: 

Will you help us stop human-caused wildfires by spreading portable propane campfires like wildfire to all your favorite outdoor and home goods retailers? 

LavaBox Portable Campfire started as a spark in the garage of the founder’s family home in Denver, Colorado. We’ve grown from a family-run business, hand-delivering units to friends and locals, to a community of tens of thousands of fans around the world — fondly referred to as the Family Flame. 


As we expand, our roots remain. We value that close-knit community and family feel and endeavor to keep that spark alive. After all, campfires are about community, closeness, and gathering together to share the warmth. 


In light of this, we’ve decided that it best aligns with our values to keep our growth a family affair. That’s why we’re asking you to help us carry the torch. 

Know of a retailer that you want to see LavaBox Portable Campfire products sold in?


Do you know a guy? Do you have a friend of a friend in outdoor retail or a mom-and-pop shop you love to support? Does the guy you talk to at the counter for an hour every time you visit your favorite specialty mountain sports store come to mind?


Will you make the introduction? 


Here’s how it works: 


🔥You know and love a retailer (or someone who owns or works in one) that you think our products should be sold in. 

🔥You make the connection. It looks something like this, “LavaBox, meet retailer X. Retailer X, meet LavaBox. As a long-time customer of your [retail store name], I think LavaBox’s portable propane campfires and accessories would fly off the shelves in your shop.”

🔥Let us know you made the referral as soon as you “pitch” us to your favorite retailer. You can do this by emailing info@fireanytime.com using the subject line “RETAILER REFERRAL”. 

🔥You can tell your retailer friends about us via good old word of mouth, or phone, or make the connection via email — again, use email info@fireanytime.com. Whatever feels natural. 

🔥We pursue the partnership. (AKA communicate with the retailer to see if they’re a good fit for our fire-worshipping cult.)

🔥They’re in. We get the P.O. in hand.

🔥You get $300 per referral. There’s no cap on how many connections you can make. 

🔥You have until May 1st, 2024 to spread the word like wildfire to all your favorite retailers (and pad your wallet). We must have the P.O. from your referral in hand by May 1st for you to be eligible for payment. 


We want to make it easy for die-hard LavaBox fans like you to share our products with retailers whose customers would love them. And then we want to pay you a commission for it. 


The fine print: As soon as we receive the purchase order, we pay you $300 in full. Cash? Check? Venmo? Let us know how you prefer to receive payment. Like we said, this is a family affair. Don’t be surprised at the lack of red tape and bureaucracy. 


However, no matter how hard we try there are some things we can’t avoid, like death and taxes. Affiliate income is taxable income over $600. 




Make contact without a sacrifice.

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