LavaBox Portable Campfire

Island of Misfit LavaBoxes: Gently Scratched and Dented Stuff

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Style: Powder-Coated Floater: The OG (NO VENTING)
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These misfit LavaBoxes need a home. Get the same great Lavaboxes and accessories with some imperfections for a low price! Some have a little dent. Some have a paint missing. Some may have been refurbished from one-time use. All of these item function perfectly but have “wabi-sabi” appeal just like me and you. You will love them just as much as those perfect Ken-doll LavaBoxes. Who rescued who?

Sorry, NO RETURNS. You are rolling the dice here.

All of these beauties come with: 

  • Ultra-tough burner and screen

  • Steel-braided 5ft regulator and hose with safety cut-off valve

  • 12 (Hekla) 12 (Tabletop) 24 (Krakatoa) Hades Stones- Our ultra-light ceramic weave insulating stones that can get greasy and wet – Not your ordinary lava rock

  • A magical feeling that you did some good in the world today and got a deal! 

Your misfit does NOT include:


*Tabletop and Hekla: (Length) 11 inches x (Width) 5.5 inches x (Height) 7 inches

*Krakatoa: 17 inches long x 7 inches wide x 15 inches tall

*All LavaBoxes will naturally patina over time. Fire changes things. Paint will fail eventually with this much heat. 

*Please allow 5-7 Business Days for our “team” (Rumpelstiltskin's entire extended family) to build your box and get it out the door. They are not as fast on LavaBoxes as they are on the spinning wheel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Terry Ingersoll
Thinking about it

I see the $155 are sold out ...not worried about a small dent, or scratch in the paint if you have one .. I would only use on our deck while setting and looking through a telescope .. I have a propane tank ... I also have five sons that might be interested when they see mine .

[****] .net Hobart, IN.

Ryan A

Great ammo box upgrade. Very happy with the purchase.

Matt K

Love the lava box. Puts out excellent heat. Makes drinking beer in the shop even better on these cold nights.

John P

Badass fire pit for the river or any kind of car camping. Fast shipping and nice packaging!

Brett J B

Great! We used it this week at a couple campsites. Easy and compact, which comes in handy with a 2 door Jeep and little trailer. Did the magnet hack for the gas line cap and no more worries about misplacing the cap.


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