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Hekla: Stainless Steel Sexy

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Þú heyrðir það rétt! You heard that right! This stainless-steel wonder hailing from the frozen depths of Iceland is here! The Hekla volcano has been belching fire and magma since 845 A.D. Now you can have a piece of this fantastic belch! The Hekla is full 304 Stainless-Steel including our patent-pending stainless-steel burner. It also includes brass fitting and a very luxurious real cowhide handle. This thing is Þetta er feitt! As seen on Shark Tank and all over the universe! 


 The Hekla includes:

  • A Hekla (Duh in Icelandic doesn’t translate)

  • Over/Under Grill Thingy. The coolest 2-in-1 thing on the planet

  • 10 Hades Stones- Our ultra-light ceramic weave insulating stones that can get greasy and wet – Not your ordinary lava rock!

  • Steel-braided 5ft regulator and hose with safety cut-off valve

  • Draw string Goodie Bag with instructions, sticker, and goodies (‘cause it’s a Goodie Bag!)

  • 280,000BTUs of fire breathing madness

  • A direct flight on the Bifrost. Happy transcending!

What’s NOT included:

  • Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir. You couldn’t pick it up anyway.


Optional: Add our amazing Bug Out Bag! The BOB allows you to carry your LavaBox, regulator/hose, lighter, and Over/Under all in one slick range bag. You could also carry a few beers and a copy of Field & Stream. Bundle and Save!

*Product Dimensions: (Length) 11 inches x (Width) 5.5 inches x (Height) 7 inches

*Weight: 7.5lbs

*It will patina and change color over time and will be a spectacular marvel of chemistry!

*Please allow 1-3 weeks for our “team” (Rumpelstiltskin's entire extended family) to build your box and get it out the door. They are not as fast on LavaBoxes as they are on the spinning wheel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This could double as coffee table center piece ( don't light it there ! )
Just set it there to motivate you to get out soon .
I think it likes being in the wild more than indoors . Good size fire, and great customer service! The bag seems sturdy too. I'm in high hopes i can get out camping soon. So far great in the back yard.

Over-Under Grill Thingy-ma-jig update

I just found out that, at least for us, it does not matter if the Over-Under Grill Thingy is square to the Hekla fire box. If you look at the picture, there's nothing wrong with the Thingy keeping the Hekla stable as seen in the picture …it keeps it safe and stable …

My Every Day Can of Calmness

I’ve been using it every day for a little peace of mind. When I set it up the first time I noticed that Over-Under Grill Thingy is stable as a grill , but not so stable to elevate the Hekla with. If the Thingy was a little wider, wide enough to slip in the Hekla in between, it would make it more stable for both usages -“Over-Under”. Of note I have not used it much, and have not taking it out at a campsite. Only used it at home and I do not foresee any issues using it out in the field. I did cut to size an old enamel iron grill, I had laying around, to fit on top of the Hekla. It’s just been a delight using the Hekla. And the fun factor of turning it up, just because I can, is a priceless … :)

Lawrence Meyer

This thing is well made and should last forever. The only thing I would improve on would be the grill. Simple tabs or pegs to keep the lavabox from sliding off. I suggested this and they replied with a grainy picture of something, say don't share this, LoL. I have a few simple ideas, but I can't share those either.


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