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Guy Montag Fireproof Gloves

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Have you always dreamed of being like the Human Torch? Do you wish your biggest problem is that every time you have to save the world your clothing burns off and you’re left naked but with a sense of accomplishment? If so, these gloves are for you! Move your Lavabox around while it’s still warm with these heavy-duty leather gloves. They are also VERY “handy” (get it?, handy?, gloves?) for moving hot pots or tending a traditional wood fire. Yes, you could also just weld in them and they have our sweet logo.

They also make a great hot pad in a pinch!

One size fits most unless you have hands like Andre the Giant.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Christopher D

They do the job they are intended for. Also help the connection point on the can for disassembly.

Ryan A

Great gloves. Love the quality and the color and fit. Nice logos too!

Rafael M

excellent , very confident.

Cali R

We can actually pick up hot items!!! My husband is in love.


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