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Bugout Bag: Carry everything you need to get out of town Pre-Sale Only!

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When it’s time to go, it’s time to go! Make a hasty yet stylish retreat with this range bag that carries all your goodies including your LavaBox. Throw in your regulator, long lighter, Over/Under Grill Thingy, a P320, a copy of Mad magazine, a flask of Eagle Rare, and your Pop’s home-made jerky. Man, you are ready.

Each Bugout Bag comes with a patch and a reasonable feeling of preparedness.

NOTE: This bag does NOT fit the Krakatoa Firebreather. The Krak is too big! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Don’t sleep on it

Wish I had purchased this when I bought my Lava Box last year but happy to have it now. I had passed on it last year because I didn’t see it as a necessity but this makes it so much easier to have everything in one bag to throw in the truck and go. It’s so well made with plenty of space for everything and then some. My only small gripe is the zippers don’t feel as rugged as the rest of the bag and aren’t very smooth to operate.

Michael England

The bug out bag is awesome. Built strong and holds alot of gear. It will provide protection and durability.

Kim Sherry
Bugout Bag is AWESOME

The bag is fantastic. Our Lava Box fits in it perfectly along with the stand and propane cord. There is room for other miscellaneous items as well. It seems to be very well made and is easy to carry , either by hand or over the shoulder. Nice and compact, yet keeps everything in one place. I am thrilled with it!

Bugout bag

Well made bag for all Lavabox stuff. Great addition.


Nice quality bag to keep everything together.


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