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Bugout Bag

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When it’s time to go, it’s time to go! Make a hasty yet stylish retreat with this range bag that carries all your goodies including your Tabletop Vol-CAN-no. Throw in your regulator, long lighter, a 1lber LP, a P320, a copy of Mad magazine, a flask of Eagle Rare, and your pop’s home-made jerky. Man, you are ready.

Each Bugout Bag comes with a patch and a reasonable feeling of preparedness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nick Moffett
Solid just like all their products

Everything they make is just plain nice! Doesn’t look feel act like any of the cheap Chinese stuff that you can buy for 20% cheaper.

Douglas Golding
Powerful fire and great quality

Looking forward to taking it on a trip but just firing up in the back yard was easy and impressive.

Raye Lochert
Awesome Bag

I was blown away by this bag! I figured it was going to be just a light canvas bag but it’s way more. Lots of compartments. Fits everything and more. This bag is worth the $50.

Tod S

was faster than I thought and I like this new bag, the one that came with it originally was pretty weak and barely fit the box and nothing else. The stand, I wish it locked open as it collapses pretty easily, it actually fell apart and had to screw everything back together - the fire box itself is pretty awesome, love it for camping, used it for a CrossFit comp (we sit outside in between events) and will even use it at home to sit outside on cold nights. The new bag, MUCH better! love all the pockets and clearly high quality material, happy I bought this and it will make things a lot easier for camping and other uses.

Ryan A

Nice size bag and cool lavabox velcro patch. Was hoping for something a bit fancier with better zippers, but it's ok.


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