LavaBox Portable Campfire

Hekla: Stainless Steel Sexy

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 The Hekla includes:
  • A Hekla

  • Over/Under Grill Thingy. The coolest 2-in-1 thing on the planet

  • 12 Hades Stones- Our ultra-light ceramic weave insulating stones that can get greasy and wet – Not your ordinary lava rock!

  • Steel-braided regulator and hose with safety cut-off valve

  • 280,000BTUs of fire breathing madness

  • A direct flight on the Bifrost. Happy transcending!


Add our amazing Bug Out Bag! The BOB allows you to carry your LavaBox, regulator/hose, lighter, and Over/Under all in one slick range bag. You could also carry a few beers and a copy of Field & Stream. Bundle and Save!


*Product Dimensions: (Length) 11 inches x (Width) 5.5 inches x (Height) 7 inches

*Weight: 7.5lbs

*It will patina and change color over time and will be a spectacular marvel of chemistry!

*NOT eligible for custom etching

*Please allow 4-6 biz days for our “team” (Rumpelstiltskin's entire extended family) to build your box and get it out the door. They are not as fast on LavaBoxes as they are on the spinning wheel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Kim Cooper
Perfect Portable Campfire!

Getting ready to take our Lavabox on it's first trip in our motorhome to Newfoundland! I am so excited to have a fire every night without the hassle of purchasing or finding wood and no smoke!

Jeremy McLerran
Too legit to quit

Used my lavabox in Joshua Tree National Park on a multi day camping trip. It kept me perfectly warm and created the perfect ambiance. Highly recommend for a smoke-free fire experience!

Love the Hekla and tolerate the Over Under, I made some field modifications to the Hekla

Love the Hekla and tolerate the Over Under, I made some "field modifications" to better suit how I would prefer the firebox to work. I re-plumbed the burner, adding an air mixture valve to clean up the burn and eliminate most of he soot. It no longer produces a deep yellow flame, but it suits my needs perfectly.

The over under is a love hate relationship, I quit using it because it is just too easy to knock the firebox off of it. I have a half a dozen designs so it can be attached to the Hekla, angle aluminum (yes yes I know dissimilar metals), stainless rivnuts, permanently attached folding legs, a simple paver, etc...

I am leaning toward the legs shown in the pic, cut the top off and temporarily attach it with rivnut and SS thumbscrew or simply make it out of 1 x 1/8 strap aluminum and leave the over under at home....

Flame on!!

I was pleased to get this fire box to replace my 23# round fire pit that only put out 55K btu's. The shape, weight, and increased "firepower" are all features that I was hoping to include in my truck/trailer/boat camping systems. I tried it out on my deck but the regulator didn't want to work for me. I contacted LB support and they got a replacement to me within a couple days. Always nice to find a company that takes care of its customers quick. The bra for the LP is a must-do. I was hesitant to take LP cans on my inflatable, but these things are genius, they'll keep things portable but secure, with no fear of slicing a hole in my boat- or runaway tank syndrome in the truck bed. Big fan of their products and prompt attention to the customer. My friends hate me... for now.

Best camping accessory

10/10 this fire pit is so handy! We took it camping over thanksgiving and it worked perfectly for some quick heat and cooking food when we didn’t want to make a full fire. It also rained a bit on us so we were thankful knowing even if the wood god wet we would have a fire source


The Orignal Ammo Can Fire Pit

Get the first. Get the best. We were the first to bring a military ammo box fire pit to market and everyone has been chasing us ever since.

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